Advertising Balloons Care Tips

for Parade Deluxe Model

1) Be careful not to store advertising balloons damp or wet.

   2) Clean advertising balloons fabric with a mild dishwashing detergent or a car wash/wax liquid which dilutes with up to two gallons of water. Do not use a harsh detergent or degreaser WHICH may affect the UV coating and also the finish.  Exception: Use comet  with CHLORINE SUBSTITUTE (Chlorinal) to remove mildew spots.

          Ultra CLOROX 2 chlorine free bleach for color laundry detergent works extremely well for cleaning and mildew control.  

           For best results periodically clean the inside of the advertising balloons.

NOTE: DO NOT MACHINE WASH.  Regular application of a vinyl treatment product such as Sun-of- a-gun is recommended for the top portion of advertising balloons.


3) Periodically revive the Velcro on advertising balloons and on the banners by brushing it with a thin steel brush.

4) Occasionally remove the light bulb and spray the socket with a non-flammable lubricant. This helps keep the contacts corrosion free on the advertising balloons light system.

5) Always keep the advertising balloons lens cover clips on the lighting system covered with tape to keep any sharp edges from tearing the balloon.

6) Always set up the advertising balloons with all of the stabilizer / leveling jacks extended so the balloon is level and most of the weight is off of the tires. Also, chock both tires during set up.

7) Cover the advertising balloons photo eye with tape or rotate the eye downward during parades or if the unit is set up under street lights, bright lights or signs.

8) Remove the tongue of the advertising balloons transport system and/or lock the front hitch with a pad lock. In addition, run a chain through one of the wheels and secure with a pad lock.

9) Place tape over the advertising balloons blower and light switch covers after setting up the balloon. This prevents anyone from turning the advertising balloons blower and lights off.

10) Use heavy duty cord covers to protect extension cords that extend over sidewalks and driveways. They are made in five foot strips and can be purchased at electrical supply stores.

11) Remove the lamp (light bulb) before transporting the advertising balloon unit to different locations. (Especially during long hauls)

12) The transport cover is designed to protect the advertising balloons during transport. Do not use the cover as a method of protection for storage Unless it is also covered with a vinyl tarp or under a protected cover, such as a carport.

13) The four outriggers with ropes that swing outward from the transport unit are designed to bend in high winds (30+ MPH). This protects the advertising balloons from tearing. If the outriggers bend, simply straighten them by bending them back using downward force with the weight of your body through your arms.

14) In order to keep the unit from rocking in extremely high winds (35 mph + ) We recommend that you place two 50# bags (gravel or marble chips) on each side of the blower unit inside the advertising balloons transport unit. Simply remove the back panel to gain access.